Grover BDM-3B Ultra Staccato Bass Drum Mallet

High-quality, hand-lathed, bamboo handles provide greater leverage for the player, resulting in a more focused sonority and enhanced bottom end. Meticulously sewn German felts, combined with the highest quality Asian bamboo shafts, are sure to make this new bass drum mallet a favorite professional's choice! Grover's traditional Maple Bass Drum Mallets feature an elliptical weighted head sewn with the finest German felt. An extra long New England Maple shaft provides a solid feel with exceptional balance. These mallets are durable and produce a round, focused bass drum sonority. Artist's Choice mallets have become the standard for professionals and educators alike. These mallets were developed for the discriminating percussionist and are constructed with materials of the highest quality, helping you perform and sound your best.

Impact Percussion, 7 Goose Green Trading Estate, 47 East Dulwich Road, London, SE22 9BN