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Tuned and Orchestral Percussion


Unique vibraphones, concert xylophones, vintage marimbas, we have a great stock of tuned percussion for hire. On top of that we have a wealth of timpani, bass drums, bells and all the other instruments required for the gigging concert percussionist. Get in touch with any queries.



Vintage Drum Sets


Need a vintage hex badge Gretsch kit for a recording session? Or how about one of the most trusted and recorded drum sets in the history of the modern kit, the Yamaha Recording Custom. We have a brilliant array of vintage kits, in a multitude of sizes, to suit any musician looking for something special for that upcoming session.



Electronics and More
Other than the obvious instruments we have a treasure trove a old and new school electronics, handmade percussion, classic and unique percussion toys and everything in between. We have Vintage keyboards and classic Clavia Ddrum electronic kits, we have handmade sound effects completely unique to Impact Percussion, and we have cymbals, gongs, bongos, bells, and things that go whip, whirr, clang and bonk.


Whatever sounds you may need or what ever you have in mind, feel free to get in touch and we would be happy help with any queries.


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